Please submit protein sequences in the format of comma-seperated Uniprot identifications or FASTA. Optionally, you can upload FASTA files with no more than 2000 proteins.


You can obtain the context2vec; predict species-specific phosphorylation sites; or predict kinase-specific phosphorylation sites, for submitted protein sequences.


You can obtain context2vecs with different contextual window size; predict general phosphosites on 'S', 'T' and 'Y' sites and predict kinase-specific phosphorylation sites for different kinases.


Only the sites with scores larger than the output threshold (the default value is 0) will be reported; and only the sites with scores greater than the cut-off threshold is going to be regarded as a positive prediction.

E-mail (optional)

For jobs with more than 10 protein sequences, email receipt of the results is recommended. The results will be sent to you once completed.

Job status

If you did not provide your email address, the job status will be updated in real time for you. Please wait for the job to be completed before you close the job status window.


Once the task is completed, you can click the download link to obtain your requested results or click the view/visualise link to check the results on web pages.